Tidy Perch


Adding more perching space to a bird feeder will attract more birds! The Tidy Perch and Bird Feeder Stand is constructed from rust resistant, galvanized, powder coated steel. It attaches easily to the bottom of most threaded base bird feeders with the sturdy Wing Nut – No tools needed! The Tidy Perch doubles as a bird feeder stand, which stabilizes a feeder when refilling it with seed. The open design won’t accumulate debris or snow.

  • Rust resistant, powder coated steel construction
  • Doubles as a bird feeder stand – stabilizes feeder when refilling
  • More perching space attracts more birds
  • Attaches easily to the bottom of all feeders with the sturdy Wing Nut – No tools needed!
  • Compatible with most threaded base bird feeders
  • Included Wing Nut hook holds another feeder below
  • Perch doesn’t accumulate debris or snow
  • 9.2 in. diameter perch
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Attaching perch space to your bird feeder will attract a wider variety of feeder birds. Perches act as a platform and offer the sure footing that ground feeding birds, like Cardinals, prefer. These birds will be more likely to linger at a feeder for longer when they have a secure place to perch, affording great bird watching opportunities.

How to have a successful birding experience:

Placement: Birds feel vulnerable out in the open, so try to place your feeder near a bush or tree. If you have other feeders, placing this one near an older one will help the birds get used to it. These creatures of habit could take weeks to feel comfortable at the new feeder.

Mounting: Hang your feeder with a hook or chain or mount it on a bird feeder pole.

When to Feed: Feeding year round is good for the birds and gives you the most enjoyment.

Water: Birds need a regular supply of water for both drinking and bathing.

Cleaning: Please, for the sake of the birds, keep your feeders clean! Dirty feeders can harm the birds. Dry thoroughly before filling with seed.

Metal perches: Birds’ feet won’t stick to metal perches in freezing weather since they have no sweat glands in them.

Discourage squirrels: Place your feeder 4 feet from the ground and 8 feet from anything a squirrel can jump from.

Additional information

Weight .36 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 1 in


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